Powered by Technology

Today, technology plays a critical role in getting your tiling job done right. Our use of technology enables us to complete your drainage tiling job more cost-effectively than outdated installation methods. This means we can design and install the drainage system that will benefit your soil―even if it means narrower tile spacing that would have once been cost prohibitive. At Hol Drainage Inc. we put a range of tools to use to limit the unknowns. We complete each job with precision and in a timely manner.


GPS map topograph tile installation plan.

With real-time kinetic (RTK) technology, our GPS mapping capability is upgraded to differential GPS. GPS is a group of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth that use radio signals to broadcast location information. Using satellites, a GPS receiver on the ground picks up the signals from the satellites to determine a location. By adding sophisticated software, a base station, and communications link, location can be accurately determined to the centimeter level.

The result for Hol Drainage is state-of-the art surveying, topography map making, and grade control. The use of RTK GPS also maximizes our productivity.


Hol Drainage also uses laser technology when appropriate. While it does not have the ability to follow ground contour like GPS, it is not subject to atmospheric disturbance. When operated correctly, laser-controlled equipment provides an efficient option for suited jobs like targeted tile repairs.


The maps created as part of each project are provided to our customers as part of the job. Accurate records mean future drainage projects will be based on the existing tile. Electronic versions are available. Yield maps can be overlaid to help with farm management decisions.

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