About Us

Owned and operated by Craig and Carolyn Hol, Hol Drainage Inc. provides efficient quality drainage and agricultural tiling work. An upbringing on an Iowa farm followed by professional career as a master electrician prepared Craig to own and operate Hol Drainage.

Tiling machineFrom the beginning, a quality product, top-notch equipment, experience, and professional installation capability have combined to set a strong foundation for our business. Large or small, our planning, earth-moving, and installation crews tackle each job with tenacity and precision.

Today, Hol Drainage provides a range of services to customers across Iowa:

  • farm drainage, controlled drainage, and subsurface irrigation systems
  • pattern tiling and strategic tiling installation
  • drainage planning with GPS surveying and mapping
  • excavation and earth moving for terraces, ponds, and waterways
  • commercial and residential septic system, sewer main, and water main construction
  • land clearing, demolition, and building pad construction

Hol Drainage Inc. is a proud member of the Iowa chapter of Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA).

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