Equipment includes 24-inch trencher

We have the equipment to do your farm drainage, tiling, excavation, or earth-moving job from start to finish―no waiting on third-party contractors! We take pride in our equipment and perform regular maintenance to ensure every project is executed with precision.

2 Bron Tile Plows These machines are GPS controlled and are able to install up to 12 inch single-wall tile.  Both are Canadian-certified.

Tile plow

Samson Wheel Trencher – Installs single-wall tile up to 15 inch and dual-wall tile up to 24 inch.  GPS controlled.

Wheel trencher

John Deere excavator – 40 Ton Excavator, capable of digging at depths of more than 26 feet. Equipped with “thumb”, which further adds to it’s capabilities in tree removal and demotion jobs.

John Deere excavator

Case backhoes  Mobile & maneuverable. Just right for tackling a variety of customer projects.

Case backhoe

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